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What is it?

Do you have to log in to a lot of different systems? If you do, odds are that you have to use a variety of methods. You probably have some systems that require ssh and others that only support rdesktop. For some you may have to use vnc. Some may only support telnet. Connection Manager allows you to pre-configure all this, and use a single consistant interface to get connected to all of these various systems.

Current Status

After a long hiatus, I have picked up development on cm once again. I migrated the source code from CVS to Subversion, and made a few tweaks so it runs and installs with modern python versions. These changes have been tagged as version 1.0 and can be downloaded at sourceforge. All of the version 1 features listed in the roadmap are completed. The man pages are ready, and installation works on Linux and FreeBSD.

The QT based UI is in progress, code is in subversion. Some screenshots are available. Writing code I can do, but this part about making nice looking icons and buttons takes some time. Grrrr...

Design Goals

Copyright 2003 Jared Crapo