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Connection Manager will be developed with Python. Python is a high level language that facilitates rapid development. Application performance is not critical, and therefore the performace penalty of a high level language is acceptable. Besides all that, I like Python.

Version Control

We use CVS, just like everybody else. It's not my favorite version control system, in fact it's my least favorite, but it's the most wide-spread. Don't be suprised if we switch to Subversion.


I use xemacs, because I know it well, and it's the best. vi is weak, but you can use whatever you want.


Most Open Source projects lack good documentation. I fancy myself to be a decent writer, and so we'll see if I really am. I plan to use the DocBook XML DTD, because it can be rendered into just about any format you can think of.

Copyright 2003 Jared Crapo