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Main Window

The main window has several view options. There is a directory pane (that can be turned on and off) that shows all of the connection directories that the current use has access to. There is also a connection display pane, which can show the connections in a particular directory either in list view or in icon view. This shot shows the directory pane on the left, and the connections in list mode.


You can configure a new connection by selecting a connection type. I have prototyped the ssh and the rdesktop dialogs.

Connection Types

If the default connection types are not suitable for your needs, you can edit or add new ones. This dialog allows you to select a connection type to modify.


Selecting "Settings", "Launchers..." from the main menu displays the Edit Launchers dialog, where you can see the list of all available launchers, add a new one, select one to edit, or delete a launcher. One can select one of those and edit that launchers settings.

Copyright 2003 Jared Crapo